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We are offering various computer products to retail as well as corporate customers. We comitted to provide customer specific products in most economic price. We assure the quality of our products by corresponding warranties.

Hence be ready to experience the world of professionalism, with JKSYSTEMS

  • Desk-Top Computer

    We offer brand new desktop PC of both leading manufacturers as well as custom-assembled PC with genuine parts.

    Ours models include Intel P IV, Intel Dual-Core, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Quad-Core, I3, I5, AMD , etc starting from a price tag of 11,990 INR.
  • Laptop

    This new generation computing device is the most excited product, that we offer.All leading manufacturer's like HP-Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc notebook PCs are available with us.
  • Server

    We also under take Server with storage as well as networking solutions.Most of the leading server companies like HP-Compaq, IBM, Dell, Acer,etc. comes under our product portfolio.

  • Peripherals

    We offer all type Computer Peripherals of Leading Manufaturers in Respective Categories with Genuine Warranty.

    • Monitor     
    • Printer
    • Scanner
    • Cabinet
    • CD/DVD player (R/W)
    • CPU Processor
    • Motherboard
    • RAM
    • Internall/External Harddisk
    • Speakers
    • UPS
    • Keyboard/Mouse
    • Pendrive / All USB Product
    • Web Camera
    • TV tune

  • Used PC

    We also offer used PC with desirable configuration setup? for reasonable price We also buy used PC, for the right price that it deserves.

  • Software

    We associate to get genuine software products with proper license of all leading s/w product

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